Tuesday, February 28, 2006

An Unusual Site

Today, I saw something that I had never seen before. A microwave repair man. I have never even heard of someone repairing one before. Microwaves are one of those "disposable" items where it is ususally cheeper to replace it than to fix it. Which is sad when you think about it. But, I am glad that there are poeple out there who do try and fix things first.

Unfortunatly, the magnatron in ours is dead. So, the repairman would have to replace that item. It's now up to the landlord to decide if we get a new one or if they replace the magnatron in a 15 year old microwave.

Well, I guess I still need some DPNs

So, I did some looking around for a while on line yesterday, and I found out that my last post was not quite right. I could go completely without DPNs. It will be easy for find stuff in town that isn't to expensive in a size three or above. From a sizes 1 and 2, I can find stuff on line. But, the size 0s, and anything local in a size 1 or 2, I would have to buy the really nice, but expensive needles. So, it came down to spending $3 on DPNs or $13 on needles (per size) locally for the stuff below a size three. (I.E. all of my sock stuff). So, the answer became obvious. I got myself some metal DPNs. I'm not thrilled. But, I can't justify spending that much money right now. So, I still have to use DPNs...

Sunday, February 26, 2006

No more DPNs ?!?!

Bad DPNs !
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Well, these are my only pair of DPNs for doing socks on. As you can see, they are all bent and not strait like they should be. (Their case is the green thing, and it is strait for referance. ) I am not sure how much longer it will be before they break.

Now, I HATE DPNs.... And, the thought of having to spend money on them bothers me. Espicaly since I only need them for the last inch or two on a pair of socks. So, before I needed to replace them, I set out this morning to figure out if there was any way to avoid the DPNs.

I have heard of two differnt ways of avoiding them, one way uses two circular needles and the other uses one big ciruclar needle. So I did a web search and found many differnt pages on both. (I would link to the pages I used, but Mozila died, and so I lost my pages I used. Just my luck. ) Thankfully, before the crash, I figured both of them out. They really aren't that hard, once they are explained. (I wish I could find those links again so I could use them latter... They were good links. )

I think I like the two ciruclar needle method a bit better. It just works better for me. Though, the one big one might grow on me in time. The nice thing about the two method is you can use any length circulars.... While with the one long one you have to use a needle with a cable length of at least 29 inches according to one of those webpages I lost.... So, if I do the two needle method, I can knit most of the sock on my 12 inch circulrs and only add in another needle right at the toe... I should have taken pictures of what I was doing to post them. I guess that I'm just not used to blogging stuff.

So the question becomes, do I replace my DPNs (when they break) with 16 inch circulars or with something larger like 32 or 40 inch circ ? The 16 in ones could also be used when makeing sleaves and other things. The 32/40 in ones could be used for either the two needle or the one needle method. And, they would be for the body of a sweater. Though they would have a lot of extra cable hanging around for the two needle method. I guess I don't need to know which way I want to go yet. After all, I don't need to figure it out until my DPNs die.

Well, that's enough from me. Though, writting things out does help straiten them out in the mind...

This sock is done !

This sock is done !
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Well, I stayed up late last night to finish the sock I was knitting. I was very happy to finish it up. Today I get to start on the second sock. Though, I should probely try on the first one before I make the second one. I am very happy. This is the first pair of socks that I've knitted for myself. I will have to wait and see which I like better, knitting socks or crocheting them. Though, I have to tell you, I hate the double pointed needles (DPNs). Thankfully, I only have to use them down at the toe. But, everytime I use them, I tell myself that I will learn how to do it with two circular needles so that I never have to use DPNs again. I guess I will have to figure something out soon since three of my four DPNs are very bent out of shape (wood DPNs), and so I will have to figure out if I want to buy another set of evil DPNs or just learn how to do it with two circulars.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Let's see if I can post photos to my blog

Ok, So my first few posts are going to be kinda lame as I get used to how to use the Blogger software. So, let's see if I can post pictures. The best test pictures I can think of are of my two cats. The gray one is a little girl named Collieen, and her brother, Tigger, is the big orange guy.

Welcome to my Blog

Well, I figured that I should put in a quick post with a little note as to who I am and such things. My name is Heather, but I use the name of "Dejhia" on line a lot. I am a Mechanical Engineer. I live with my wonderful husband and two cats. In my spare time, I crochet and knit, a lot. I also read a lot. Oh, and if you hadn't figured out by now, I am a horrible speller. Just get used to it. If you don't understand what I am trying to say due to the spelling, just let me know and I will try harder with the spelling. I am not really sure of what I want to do with this blog, if anything. It just sounded like it would be fun. Hopefully, this blog will start takeing shape over the next few weeks.