Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The socks fit !

Well, I got just under an inch done on the lastest generation of socks yesterday. Matt tried them on, and they fit !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am very excited !

Of course, I just realized that with the decreasing I have to do, an hourglass heal might not be the best one. The decreasing would be a lot less obvious if I did a guesst heal. So, I will just wait until my next pair of socks to do the hourglass heal I learned to do for these socks.

Monday, March 27, 2006

The Sock that won't fit !

I have had it with the socks I am trying to make ! Today, I had to wrip them out for the 3rd time ! (It seems like I've done it so many other times. )Matt seems to have a problem getting them on his feet (over his heal is the real problem). Though, each time, I have to wrip out less and less..
  • Thursday - I wriped out 3/4 a sock ..... after learning a new heal ! I was so mad that I forgot to check my gague !
  • Saterday - I tried a new pattern, and I guessed at the number of stitches I would need. I went to my knitting get toether so I got a good bit of knitting done that day... I had to wripe out about 4 inches of sock ! But, I did take time to check gague
  • Sunday - I knew my gague, and the foot circumfrane I wanted. And, last time I made him socks, matt had no problem getting them on. SO, knowing (or so I thought) how many stitches to cast on, I started the sock. I got about 2 inches done. And, I figured, I should have matt try it on, just in case !
  • I hope not monday - I have now restarted the sock, again. Adding almost another inch becuase the top of the sock at it's most streached out is about 1/2in shy of makeing it around matt's heals...... I hope these fit him ! I'm gonna scream, and try a differnt pair of socks if they don't work out this time. And, if by some mircal, they fit, I have to remember to take in almost one full inch off after I do the heal, or his foot will be swimming in it !
Why do I enjoy makeing socks ? Can someone please remind me ???? I'm starting to forget......

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Afgan -keep going or change it

Well, I have to say, it's starting to get kinda warm out... Spring is on it's way. .... Now, Iam left with the diffucut choice, do
  • Keep the Ripple Afgan as is. Box it up all spring/summer 'cuase it's to warm, and start working on it again in the fall
  • Decided that I didn't do to much work on it as is, and find a differnt pattern for the same yarn (it's no dye lot so I can pick up more if neeeded) and make one useing strips or big squares ?
What to do ?

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Works in Progress

Well I show a lot of differnt pictures of projects so I thought it was time I list my current WIPs.

  • Knit Gray "In the round" sweater from the bottom up. -- 7 inches done
  • Crocheted Ripple Afghan - about a 18 inches done ( just an eyeballing it guess). If i don't finish this one soon, it will have to go into hiding for the summer. It will be to warm to work on ....
  • Knitted Afghan that is a gift for someone (I don't think they read my blog, but just in case I won't talk much about it. they dont' even know they are getting it yet...) - approx. 7inch on the first of four pannels ( I will tkae pictures of it onces it's done, and post them after it is given to the intedned person.)
  • Knitted Socks - about an inch (see post below)
  • Crocheted Thread sweater - still working on fixing the part I frogged. It's hard to get into it when you had to frog so much work. So only about an inch
  • Crocheted Lace Shawl - rough guess here I would guess that the sides of the square are about 6 inches wide now...... I love this pattern. It's such a pretty lace pattern that I gout out of on out of print book at the libary. Oh, how I wish that I could find a copy of that book.... But, ...... This one will take me a very long time to finish...

Friday, March 24, 2006

The sock heal that isn't...

Sock heal
Originally uploaded by Dejhia.
Well, I have been feeling a bit sick for a few days so I decided to take some time and learn how to knit a new style heal, an hourglass heal. I was so proud of myself of learning how to do an hourglass heal instead of a gussett heal. I just had to take this picture. The heal turned out perfectly.

Then, last night when I asked matt to try on the sock to see how the new heal fit him, he coudln't get the sock on. It was TO small. I am useing the same yarn and needles as the last pair I made for Matt, but for some reason, my gague must be very differnt ! I was so fustrated. I had to start the sock all over again last night. Of course, since I was so mad, I forgot to check what my new gague was. So now, I'm just guessing. I casted on a few more stitches, and I'm going to knit a few inchs and see how it fits Matt. And, if it doesn't, well, besides being very mad at the socks, I will hopefully, remember to check my gague before wripping it out.

Keep your fingers crossed that it works this time.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Double Decker Cats

Back in Febuary, we got the cat's a new pice of cat furnature for thier Birthday ( 10 Feb). We put the furnature in the den by the computers since the cat's only had one bed in there, and not to many places to sit when we are in the den. The cats like to be in the same room as us, most of the time, if there is something soft to sit on.

We haddn't gotten any good pictures of them until a day or so ago. My husband just uploaded them to his Flickr account. I went ahead and saved the photos so that I could put them together in the same post.

On the left is Collieen, the girl cat, on top, and Tigger, the boy cat, inside of the cat furnature.

Since Tigger is so hard to see in there, on the right is a close of him inside the hole. It's still kinda dark, but you can make out that there is a cat in there..

Someone read my blog !

I am still new at this whole blogging thing so I still get excited over getting comments in my blog. I've only had one or two so far. But, today Tandi took the time to read though my blog. Good think Blogger linked her comments to her blog. I have to go and check that out. I have a feeling that I will be adding her to my bloglines listing so I can read her blog anytime she updates. I love bloglines. It makes reading multiple blogs so easy. Anyways, I just wanted to thank Tandi for readin the blog. I am so excited. Someone read my blog !

I guess I should start updateing my links and such on the sidebar .... Now, to figure out how to do it.....

Monday, March 20, 2006

Matt's Scarf

As I am now working on a lot of large projects (two afgans and a sweater, plus some socks, but those aren't large), I feel the need to show off some older projects. There is nothing exciting about saying, I got three more rounds done on the sweater today. Boaring ! Anyways, I hadn't posted this picture, yet, so I thought now would be a good time to put it up.

A while back (a month or two or maybe three ago) I made Matt a scarf out of some incredible Alpaca yarn that my mother gave me as a gift. (I love you, mom !) I could never afford to work in sport weight alpaca. Well, I might be able to if I could cut myself down to only one project at a time. I wish I could use this stuff more. It was heavnely to work with. So soft. So nice ! But, I get off topic. I spent a while trying to find a pattern that would look good with the yarn, and still be "manly" since so many patterns are ment for girls.... After much searching and trying out differnt things, I finally found the pattern here. It's called the "featherdown scarf". I did it about one half of the width recomended becuase that was the width that I had enough yarn to do. But, even at half width, it is still a goo width and wonderful scarf. I think the scarf turned out really well. Matt loves it. And it's so so soft. I wish I had one of my own.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Crocheted Afghan--WIP

Afghan pattern
Originally uploaded by Dejhia.
Well, this is one of my crochet Work's In Progres (or WIP for short). This is a close up of the afghan that I'm working on. It's no where near done. But, at least you can see what it looks like. And, I'm actually following a pattern almost exactly (differnt gague and differnt colors, of course). But, still, for me, that's a lot closer to the pattern given than normal.

Six Pounds of Yarn

Six Pounds of Yarn
Originally uploaded by postneo.
Well, now that I found out that I can Blog photos that matt uploaded, I felt, that this photo should be in my blog.

This is just over 6 lbs of yarn ! It's a fingering weight or close to it. I picked it up really cheap on line. I'm useing it doubled up to make a sweater right now. I like the yarn. But, I don't love it. It's not very soft. It is softening up as I work on it. But, still. ....

This picture was taken right after I got the yarn as I was trying to figure out what would look best. I was playing with it for several days before I figured that it would be best to do a plan stockinette sweater in the round.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

New Birks...

new shoes
Originally uploaded by postneo.
Well, today we went to Footprints to look at the differnt Birkenstocks they have. I wanted Matt to find a pair, and to find out how much it would be to repair mine. I love my old Birks. I have worne them out. Litterally. I keep wanting to find a good pair of shoes for Matt. Doens't have to be dressy ones. Just really really compy shoes since he wears one pair until he wears them out. Well, apprently Matt and I had differnt ideas about the point of our visit. After walking around for a while. Me trying to ignore how much I really liked this one pair of shoes while trying to get matt intrested in a pair of shoes. Matt finally got me to try on those shoes that I was trying to ignore. They fit so nicely. They fit perfectly. I had on really thin socks 'cuase it's like 30 deg outside so I could exactly go outside in sandles...... I was just lucky I grabbed thin socks so that when I tried on my Birks, they would fit like they will when I'm not wearing socks. Anyways, after much talking and trying to talk matt out of it, I left with new Birkenstocks. Aren't they so cute ? I can't wait for it to get warm enough to wear them outside all the time....

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Sheep and Wool Time

I am very excitted! I got the offical word last night that I was going to be able to head back east and visit with family and friends, and go to the Sheep and Wool Festival with my mother this year. For those of you who don't know, this is the biggest one of it's kind on the entire East Coast of the US. It has everything for knitting, crocheting, spinning, or anything else you would want to do with Wool. And, it comes in all stages from being able to buy a sheep to buying a finished item. (I perfure to go with the middle ground and buy yarn and such. ) I had a lot of fun with my mom last year. And, this year should be even better since we know what to expect. I can't wait to go and see everything. Though it is going to be kinda weird seeing my LYS at Sheep and Wool....

I am really am exicted that I should be able to stay out there for a few extra days in order to see everyone. I still havn't told any of my friends that I will be in town. I want to make sure we have some stuff set up with families before we start setting up to meet with friends. Plus, it's almost 2 months away. As it gets a little closer, I hope we will be able to work out times to get togther. I miss seeing everyone. It will be really nice to come back and visit.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

More Project Photos

Well with all this time, I should post some more project photos.

Here is my first crocheted shawl. I love it. It is "based" off of the All Season Shawl by Priscilla Hewitt. I made some changes to it. I had never worn a shawl before makeing this so I wasn't sure how I would like it. But, it's great. I had to make it a lot larger than I thought I would. Now, I want to make more.... If only I wasn't working on an afghan right now.

Here is a photo of my crocheted socks. I love them! They are so warm and fit perfect ! They are a little thick, but still able to fit in shoes. Kinda like how your thick winter socks are thick, but fit in your shoes. They are so nice. I want to crochet some more socks. I think I have enough sock yarn in the same color to crochet a pair. If only I had thought this afternoon, and started my crocheted pair today instead of another knitted pair. Though, I would always rather make a pair for Matt and make a pair for me. I get so much joy out of knowing that he really likes what I make for him. He is so nice and never complians about the yarn or geting the "learning" project.

Well, I have other things. But, I think I blogged more than I should have today. I will try and remember in the next few days to post a photo of the afghan that I'm working on. It's really pretty.

Crocheted Sweater

Crocheted Sweater
Originally uploaded by Dejhia.
As you all can tell, I have some time to kill in front of the computer tonight (Matt is working from home today). So, I was doing some work on my blog. And, as I was looking over the blog, I found that while I mainly crochet and not knit, all of my photos on the blog are knitting. So, I thought it was time that I post some crochet photos.

Here is the sweater that I made for Matt. I finished it a little over a month ago. I love it. It is based off of a Sweater in one of my favoret crochet books "Crochted Aran Sweaters" by Jane Snedden Peever. I love that book. I want to save up to get some really nice wool to make myself a cabled sweater. It is SUPER warm since I didn't use the yarn or the gague recomended. But, there is nothing better than it on a cold windy day.

I really like this sweater. It was a lot of fun to make. The pattern was differnt enough to keep me from getting board, but I could still sit and work on while talking with Matt in the evenings. Plus, it does something with crochet that is almost always thought of as a "knitting only" thing -the cables.

More Socks

I forgot to mention in the last posting, that in addtion to all of the excitment of today, I finished the second sock for me ! Now, I have a pair of knitting socks (and a pair of crocheted socks).... I almost didn't have enough yarn to finish. I was starting to get a bit worried that the last inch of the toe would have to be done in a second color. Good thing I don't have really big feet.

New Alarm Clock --Air Raid Siren

Well, I had a very intresting morning. First the sound of the wind woke me up. Then the UPS's for the computers started BEEPING 'cuase the power went out. So, Matt had to get up and turn everything off. Then, before Matt can make it back into the bedroom, and before I got out of bed, we heard an Air Raid Siren going off. It took us a few seconds to think "TORNADO !". ... Afterall, this was our first one in an area where they use warning Sirens. (I went though one before, but we had no warning, and if my roommate hadn't come home and told me, I wouldn't have known. ) But, before we can get the cats and get into a safe room in the house, the sirens stoped.

We are very lucky. Our house and all of our friends out here are fine.
We lost power for a while today. But, it wasn't a big deal. (The power came on just long enough for me to make some breakfast blend tea so I was good. )

There was a bunch of damage in parts of town. Lots of treee limbs down and flying stuff though windows and such... Though, the weather people havn't offically called it a Tornado. The Jurry is still Out on that one. But, it was a lot of wind.

I didn't get any good photos so I can't post anything cool. But, then again, I didn't go out looking to take photos.

I hope that everyone else is safe and has thier power back.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Matt bought me some stuff

Originally uploaded by Dejhia.
Well, yesterday, Matt and I headed over to the next town over to do some shopping. Our town is great, and I wouldn't change it. Our town isn't a big city, but it's not a little small town. It's just perfect in size. Big enough to have all of the stores you need daily and most of the ones you want at any other time. But, it's small enough that it's still freindly and personal. I love it here. In fact, walking around the mall (my town dosn't have a mall) yesterday, I remembered why I HATE malls...

Anyways, I get off point, I had a gift certificate to one of my favorite stores (you can guess which one from the photos). So, we had to head over to the next town over to do some shopping. Well, I should have known not to bring matt with. He always buys more for me. If it had just been me, I wouldn't have bought half of the stuff there. It's hard to complian when you are being spoiled that he's spending to much. I am a very happy girl right now. And, the great thing is, I get to enjoys these gifts every day for a long time.

Oh, and for those observant people, yes ther are DPNs in that picture. I should know better than to say that I would never need them again. (That just set off a DPN buying spree.) I found the "Sock Set" of DPNs so now I have from 000 though size 1 just in this set. It is the only way I could get 000 an 00 needles.