Sunday, April 30, 2006

Garden Gnome

Garden Gnome
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Matt and I have been working our way though the Harry Potter books. (Yes, I know we started a bit late on them.) I have read all the ones that are out, and I loved them. (Matt is working on number 4 right now. ) After Matt read the part about de-gnomeing the garden, he decieded that our garden would not be complete without our very own Garden Gnome. We have been looking around trying to find a Gnome for about a month. Who knew that it was that hard to find a Gnome? (Not that we were looking very hard... Just keeping an eye out for them.) At long last, we have our very own Gnome. Now, our garden is complete. We have bushes (came with the house), we have flowers (we planted), we have herbs (we planted) and we have a Gnome..... And due to the constant rain for the past week, we have weeds that I need to get rid of...

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Knitting Tea Swap !

I was reading Bloglines where I have a lot of differnt knitting and crochet blog that pop up. (Anytime I see a blog that deals with these topics, I add it to my listing.) Someone mentioned that they were going to do a "Knitting Tea Swap".

I thought it was a great idea. I have never done a swap before. Mainly becuase most require you to do an item for someone else, and I am always worried about not getting the item done on time and disappointing my swap mate. Plus, my work is differnt from most poeple. I work VERY tight, and I am always worried that if I give items to someone who knows about knitting or crocheting that they will not be happy becuase my work is so tight. But, I love the idea of the Knitting Tea Swap. Two of my favoirt things. I'm very excited.

See, I really did knit these socks !

So I have been knitting socks for serval months now. And, I have made a few pairs. (And taken pictures of them, too !) I have tired three differnt times to get a good photo of the first pair I knitted. Every time the picture doesn't turn out. I thought there was something about the socks that prevented them from being in focus in a picture. I don't want to tell you how many fuzzy sock photos I have delted in the past few months. Well, this morning, (thanks to my super cool new camera) I was finally able to take a picture of the socks.

My new toy !

Newest member of the gadget family
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We had a suprise addition to the "gadget family" as my husband calls it.

We have been sorta looking around for a cheep little digital camera for me to carry around. (My cell phone camera doesn't focus very well. ) We had seen a few things, but nothing that we were will to pay for. It's not like it's a needed item. So we weren't willing to pay a lot of money for one.

After two months of keeping an eye out, we had given up on finding something so I had taken over my husband's great little Sony 2MP camera. Then, last night at Target we saw this little guy on the clearnce rack. Guess who got a nice new 4MP camera ? I offered it up to my husband first (he's more of a photo guy than I am.), but he wanted me to have the nice new camera.

In the future, we will still want to get a really nice high end digatal camera. It's not gonna happen anytime soon. Espcilly since he's now got a camera and so do I. Ya us !

Though, the cat's arent' to happy 'cuase I'm useing them as photo subjects while i learn how to use all the features of this camera.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

When did weekends become so much work ?

So we had a very productive weekend.... It started out on Friday night going to Sears to buy a weed wacker.... We went there looking for something that would be good, but not to expensive.. . We ended up geting this monster (32cc engine).... The week wacker end comes off and we can buy other attachments like edgers and trimmers for bushes.... So, we are very happy with the purchase... Then we get out to the car... A VW Golf.... Fitting it in without anything sticking out took a while.... It had to go diagnoal.. I sat in the passenger seat (with the seat pushed all the way forward so that my knees still have inprints of the dash board) holding the top of the weed wacker up so that matt could get in to shift gears.... Thankfully, Sears is only about 10 min away...

So, Saterday was spent with Matt mowing the lawn and useing the new toy while I weeded the garden and started mulching... After four and a half hours of work and five of those big yarn waste bags, the lawn was mowed and I ran out of mulch... (there really aren't any good pictures of this..I guess I could have taken ones of the bags of yard waste just to show how much work Matt did, but I didnt' think of it.) But, at that point, it was time to have lunch and head out to my knitting group.....

Sunday, we decieded to go and buy that BBQ gril... What's a yard without one ? So we get the gril and more mulch for the flower beds (still need to buy flowers..)... I am very excited becuase I love BBQ.... And I miss the old Webber we had when I was a kid....My dad had one of the old green Webbers until I was in middle school ( i think it was about then) when he got a gas gril... Gas grils just aren't the same... They might cost more, but they don't taste as good... Add all the wood chips you want.. IT's just not the same !

Then we decided to attack the garage... See, when we were unpacking, all the empty boxes,
all of the boxes full of paper that had been padding, and a bunch of book boxes ended up in the garage... So , the car has not been able to fit in there since the day we unloaded the truck (before Thanksgiving..) and at times, it was hard to walk in to the garage... So, all the book boxes moved inside the house (I get to go though them and put them out this week) as well as the other random boxes that just never got moved in... So, we cleared up a lot of space.. But, we had all these boxes laying around just takeing up space... Then, we thought, "why not put the empty boxes in the attic ? " Then we realized that we don't own a ladder in order to get at the attic... So, back out to the hardware store....

While it was a lot of work this weekend, in the end I would say it was worth it... We have a garage.. And, more importantly, the car can go into it !! I'm very excited !

The weekend was long but it was worth it...... At this point, we thought it was time to quit working... After all it was after 3pm on Sunday and we had been working since Saterday afternoon.... That ment it was time to try out the new grill.

What what could be better than a nice steak and some potatoes ?

And with that, I am going to call it a day... I'm tired and going to sit down and knit/crochet/read.... Hum, I wonder what the cats were doing all weekend ? Oh yes, watching us work.... Must be nice.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Well, I did it !

So last night, I manged to get the sewing machine up and running. I wound two bobbins... I played around with the differnt stitch types.... I was doing great... THen, I started having a problem with my bobbin thread (I almost said yarn... can you tell I'm new at this whole sewing thing) getting all knotted up and makeing a big mess... I think it's cause the speed of hte needle, and the speed that I'm moving teh fabric aren't in sync yet... I gotta workon that..... Though,with the other machine's I've used, the machine helped move the fabric along, and I was just guiding it... Now, I have to pull the fabric though... I think some setting is off....

Either way, I am happy becuase I got done what I had wanted to do, I figured out how to use that bobbin winder...

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

My "new" sewing machine

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My mother in law gave me an old family sewing machine when me moved out here.... (Matt think's it was his father's mother's machine, but is not sure...) She wasn't sure what shape it was in since it hadn't been used in a long time, but she thought it should still work. And, it came built into a great table.... The machine folds down into the desk... Very nice....

Well, after being out here for several months, and I need to do some mending that I'm to lazy to do by hand, I thought it was time to take a look at the machine. So, first things first, I had to clean it up. That wasn't so hard......

Then, I had to find the right bobbins..... After my third trip to the store, I finally found ones that list my model number (Athena 2000). First time I went, I didn't notice that there were differnt types of bobbins for sewing machines.... But, the ones I got didn't work.. So those went back after realzing that the bobbins had differnt numbers.... So, I got a set of bobbins that had the other number ..... Those didn't work.. So they went back. (But they were a lot closer to being the rigt ones.... Fianlly, I found ones that acutally say that they are for "Athena 2000" machines.... So, I think I have right ones....Tomorow night, I should know for sure if finally have the right bobbins.

I will attempt to use the machine.... Kinda scarry... Me sewing.... Without adult supervision......... I've only ever used a sewing machine in "Home Economics" and with my mom double checking everything I do...... Actually, now that I think about it, since I've moved so far from family (and have not yet made to many friends out here), I am doing a lot without "adult supervision" .... Like, I want to see if I can get anything to grow in my garden besides weeds....

But, back to sewing.... First, I gott a figure out how to use the bobbin winder since I have never used a winder like this one before..... It's winds the bobbin where the bobbin sits when you are sewing... I've never seen that before... I've only seen ones with little nobbs on top that you stick the bobbin in to wind..... If this works, it would make a lot of sence to me.... Less parts.... After that, it shouldn't be to hard..... After all, how hard is sewing a patch on an old pair of pants that are just gonna be used for yard work.. IT's not like I can screw things up worse than they are...... And, it's not like I will be attempting anything diffucult like makeing a quilt or a dress.... A patch shouldn't be to hard.. .Right ?

Saturday, April 01, 2006

It's Spring Time....

New mower
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We have been living in an apartment up until our newest move. When we moved in, we said, "We'll get the lawn mower in the spring"... Afterall, who uses a Lawn Mower in December ? Well, this week, we went thought that it was finally time.. (We were afraid that we might loose small childern in the front lawn 'cause the grass was so tall.) So, here it is... Our very fist lawn mower.... Soon, we will be able to get a BBQ grill... Yumm... I can't wait.

As Matt mowed the lawn today, I started weeding the flower beds... Most of it wasn't to bad... There were some few spots where the weeds were just growing like crazy... I found two small (ground level... no height to them) bushes that the weeds had overgrown..... I still have a bit mroe weeding to do around the bigger bushes.... But, 3 hours was enough for me... Hopefully, I will be able to plant flowers soon... I just gotta get all of those weeds out first... then I can put new mulch down (where it needs it) and buy some flowers... I'm so excited ! I have my own garden.