Sunday, August 06, 2006

Lace Shawl Pictures

This week I blocked the lace shawl I made. I finished the shawl last sunday( 30 july), but I didn't block it until Thursday becuase I was so nervous about screwing things up. After searching on line, and knowing I would screw things up, I decided to just get over it and block the thing. After all, I made it to wear to a wedding on Saterday (Aug5). And, how stupid would that be to have it made a week early and just not block it.

So, here is a picture of the Shawl pre-blocking. I just layed it out on the coffee table (well on a blanket on the coffee table for contrast).

I took some "durring blocking" shots, but they don't show much. It's a white shawl that was blocked on my bed that had yellow sheets. You can just see the outline from the pins. Blocking wasn't to bad. I tried the string trick that is supposed to keep the top even. However, I couldn't figure out how to make it work. So I just pretneded I hadn't put the string in there. I found that I coudln't block it to the full lenght needed becuase the top of the shawl is wider than my bed is long. And, I didn't have enough pins to block it really nice and tight without getting scalloped edges. So, it's not "full" blocked. But, good enough.

And, here are some close up shots of the stitch pattern:

I was able to wear the shawl to the wedding. It was an outdoor wedding in this heat. So I didn't want anything really warm. But, even though it was a casual wedding, I fet a little odd wearing a strappy tank top to a wedding. As an added bonus, the shawl helped keep the bugs for biting me (I think) durring the evening outdoor recpetion. See, bugs always find me to bite. I must attrack bugs somehow. I got a few bits on my ankels, but nothing on my arms. It could be that there wern't many bugs. But, I will have to try wearing the shawl again to see if it really did help.

All and all I am happy with how it turned out. Not bad for my first lace project. Yes, there are some mistakes in it. And, the blocking job isn't great. But, I am looking at it is a learning project. Now, my next lace project will be even easier since my wonderful husband got me a set of the knit picks needles. With thier nice points, I won't have as many issues with the pssos and the k2togs. I am working on my first project with the needles, and I just love them ! I can't wait to get some size 0s for socks.


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