Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Snaped a DPN

So I'm a tight knitter. I've tried to loosen my gague, but it just doesn't work so well. I can adjust some based on the which needle I use. Sometimes going for lighter and more drap (looser knitting) is good, and sometimes going for a warmer denser fabric (tighter knitting ) is good. So, I have learned how to take advantage of both. Socks are one of those things that need the denser fabric more than they need drap. So, I knit my socks like I naturally knit. Tight. I normally knit at about 10 sts/in on size 0 for socks. This might explain why I bent my old Clover bamboo needles. (Darn blogger for not letting me link to such an old post. ) After that, I went back to metal DPNs/circulars.

Then my father bought me a set of birtch DPNs. They were the shorter socks sized ones. And, birtch is a stronger wood than bamboo. So I set off. I made my first pair of socks just fine on the size 1 britches. In fact, they are the only socks not made on size 0s that I've made. So I decided to try socks on size 0 britches. After all, I had made a whole pair on the size 1s and not had the slightest problem. Well, you know that old engineering principle that says while lower strength matierals have a lower threshold for plastic deformation, they will often plasticly deforme before a catastorphic failure. Whereas higher strength materials will often has less plastic deformation, and just fail..... Well, it applies to knitting needles. I bent the crap out of my lower strength bamboo needles, but I snaped in half my birtch needles. Yup, snaped right in half. I tried takeing pictures, but none of them looked good. (If you want to see what it looks like, snap a tooth-pick in half. It should look the same. ) So no more birtch needles in socks sizes for me.

This does lead to an intresting problem for me. I just won a wonderful set of bamboo needles from the Simiply Sock Yarn Company. Do I use them, and risk breaking such wonderful needles. Or do I be a good and loveing daughter and pass on the wonderful needles to my amazing mother who taught me how to knit, and has learned to knit socks at a much more "normal" gague. ... My mom can use any of the wooden needles without fear of breaking them. I think I just answered my own qustion. Needles so nice deserve to be used and loved. Not, put away for fear of breaking them. I can't think of a better person to give them to than my mother. She is such an amazing person. And an amazing knitter. Check out some of the projects she's done. And those are only a few of her projects. She deserves something really nice. And, now I can give her something nice.


At 11:00 AM, Blogger Alison said...

Unfortunately, I can't use bamboo under size 3 (size 2s if I'm careful). I have to use metals for the smaller sizes, but I still love my bamboo larger dpns.

At 11:27 AM, Anonymous Allison said...

I rarely snap the CP bamboo needles, though I have snapped one by sittin on it before.....
The CP bamboo is dried longer and slower and it makes stronger needles.
Giving them to your mother sounds very nice! I'm sure she would enjoy using them.


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