Sunday, September 17, 2006

Alpaca Farm Day

I have been very very bad about having photos, but this one will have some, I promise (assuming blogger lets me. )

Last sunday, a local alpaca farm had a Farm Family day. It was an open house where we could go and play with alpacas, and of course, buy some amazing alpaca yarn. It was really cool.... We got to go in and walk around in a barn filled with alpacas... Not just walk along the penned in areas, but acutally go in and walk among the alpacas.....

So here are just a few of the photos from that day....
This girl waas a real "ham' she loved having her picture taken. She would stand there and wait for me to take close ups of her......

Some of these photos make it look like the pens that the alpacas in where small. But they really weren't.... Just camera angle. And all had outside access. But it was raining, and most (but not all) the alpacas were smart enough to come in durring the rain. Blogger won't let me load in some from Matt's flickr account so go see the photos matt took here. (Including the ones that won't come in when it was raining. )


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