Sunday, September 17, 2006

Socks and other fun stuff

Well, I've come to the conclusion that I just won't have time to blog durring the week. I read a bunch of blogs every night after work. (You gotta love Bloglines! ) But, I just don't have the energy for blogging. After work, dinner, dishes, and whatever other things need to be done each night. So, you all are going to have to settle for some long weekend posts. Sorry...

First off, I have to say that I love my new IPOD. It so nice to have at work. And with 4 GB of space, there is room to put music on it for whatever mood I'm in. Though, lattely I've really been getting back into classical music. It's the best background music ever. Of course, I have to be careful not to get the stuff that's to caliming, or I'll fall asleep. But I've always been a fan of the more "thunderous" stuff... I'll take some Tchaikovsky over Mozart any day....

This week has been a bit boaring ... I've been under the weather from allergis all week... At least I know it will be better in a while since when we were out here house hunting in Oct, my allergies improved SO much over what they were back east.... And this is the first realy allergie attack I've had since we moved here.... All and all, much better off out here than back east.....

I'm very excited. I made a knitting "friend" this week at work. I was on my lunch break knitting matt's socks (almost done with them), and someone ran into the break room for something. She saw that I was knitting and stoped by and introducted herself. And told me about all the wonderful knitters at work. All the non-knitters kept telling me that there was a lot of knitters at work, but I hadn't really met any. I'm excited.

And for every up there is a down. I am working on a pair of socks for me. And, of course, I don't make many for me so I have been forced to do some frogging.... I put the heal where I thought it should go. After the heal and about a 1/2 inch of leg, I tired them on to see how they would fit. They fit, but they were really really streached out.... So I knew I would have to frog back and add some more length onto foot befor starting the heal. Of course, I knew this might happon so thankfully I put in a life line.... It's just annoying redoing the same work over again.

Speaking of socks, durring my blog reading this week, I came accross something called Socktoberfest. It sounds really cool. I'm very excited about it !!! You should go and check it out.


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