Thursday, September 07, 2006

A week of good stuff

If this week was my husband's birthday, than why do I keep geting presents ??

So, first off on Wensday, a box of yarn and needles arrived from my mother. A whole bunch of WW Wool of the A
ndies from Knit Picks. It's in a beautful Heather Green that I picked out. I can't wait to get started on a nice sweater for me with it. Of course, I've got the Silky wool that mom sent me last week that I should use first (since it's for my husband's sweater, and it's been awhile since I made him something big). It doesn't show here (I keep saying I will do better pics instead of relying on matt's camera phone, but I never get around to it), but there are 21 skeins of the yarn..... Plenty to make a nice cabled sweater.... Plus, there were many many sets of knit picks needles. Ya, needles and yarn all at the same time....

Sounds like the perfect week... But wait, there's more....

Today (it was supposed to be yesterday, darn signature required deliveries durring the day), my IPOD nano arrived !!! Yes, my wonder and amazing husband got me a IPOD Nano for my birthday
(and he's not makeing me wait until my b-day to use it!). At my new job, music is a very, very, very good thing, and I didn't have an mp3 player. (I know I must be the last person on the planet to get one... BUt.....) So we started pricing differnt brands of MP3 players (I told him I didn't want to pay a lot more for just the IPOD name....) Then, he found a good deal on an Apple Reconditioned IPod (comes with the normal warranty and everything)... I'm super excited... I was getting really board with CDs at work (and going though a lot batteries for the CD player.......

And just when you think there can't possbely be any more, I give you: Herbert the friendly
desk hedghoge.... Yup, we were out tea shopping today at my wonderful local Tea Shop, Brits!, when we found the most adorable Hedghoge stuffed anniamls on sale... Of course one had to come home with us (along with a lot of tea). Isn't Herbert cute ? Tomorrow he's going to work with me to be my cubical Hedgehog.

Well, I'm off to create some playlists for my nano...


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