Saturday, September 02, 2006

Wonderful package in the mail

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So Thursday evening I get home from work to find a package on my door step from my parents. The box looks like it's about to explode becuase it's so over stuffed. So, I have to open it up right away. (Plus, I knew that there would be yarn inside so...).

So, I cut open the tape (which I have to say, that was really strong tape), and first thing I pull out are three differnt colors of sock yarns. A nice green, a light cream and a nice light brown. All wonderful colors that I could knit up and Matt would have no problem wearing to work. Which makes me supper happy beucase I am having a hard time finding sock yarns that are good for work.

Next, I see some lovely reddish-orange Silky Wool. It's so pretty. So I start pulling out skeins..... And I keep pulling and pulling...... When mom said she sent me a sweater's worth, she wasn't kidding. I pulled out 18 skeins of them. I should get a sweater for matt and a hat or socks or something out of it. (But, now I can do just about any pattern and not have to worry about having enough. ) I know matt will love a sweater from it, and I'm gonna love makeing it.

Then I find a book included. It's a Vikinging Knitting book..... Amazing cableing just like the other Viking knitting book I have by Elsebeth Lavold. (Both are by the same women, just differnt pattern.) Matt's already picked the pattern out of the new book that he wants me to make with the Silky Wool. And, I can't wait to get started. (I just have to finish a WIP first. )

After all this, there is more. Birthday present for Matt and me. I see some burn orange in the box right as matt walks in so I ask him to pull the next item out. ( Afterall, if it's burnt orange, it's for him. ) And it's an amazing cabled scarf for him. He loves it. It's a mix of a burnt orange yarn and some mohair yarn. Amazingly soft and wonderful to touch. Then, I find a burnt orange mobis (spelling ???) strip scarf/head wrap for me. It's made from the same yarn as Matt's scarf. It's wonderful. A wonderful birthday present.

I wish I had better pictures of it all to show everyone. But, I've been to bussy drolling over the yarn to take pictures of it so I only have the one Matt took.... Hopefully, over the long weekend, I will take some more pictures......


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Nice yarn porn.


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